Who we are
We are MD, PhD researchers and we used data from American medical association for creating this software to facilitate the complex impairment calculation in a simple manner.

Develop medical disability software for federal employees including postal workers, Federal systems includes federal employee’s compensation Act, Energy Employees occupational Illness compensation program Act as well as social security disability software. expand the marketing of the disability to all the 50 states as well as around the world in to the international market. The mission of Disability Technology Inc. is to create a State of art medical disability software based on the latest edition of the American medical association, the 6th edition which is required by all the fifty states in USA. The AMA guides to the evaluation of permanent Impairment is the most widely used basis for determining impairment and disability in the United States.

The Guides are often used to quantify the extent of injuries resulting from an automobile casualty or personal injury. Insurers may use an impairment rating/disability as one of the factors in determining the reserving or settlement value of a claim. Attorneys may use this to quantify the impact of an injury.

The Disability Technology Inc. software solution is a state of art software design. The software integrates the AMA guide tables, formulas, rules and procedures into an intuitive graphic user interface. The software calculator enables the user to point to an anatomic body region or part and immediately arrive at the appropriate computational section. The user simply inputs the range of motion or other examination and or lab results, and the software automatically calculates the specific impairment/disability as well as the whole body impairment rating.

In the United States, roughly 49 million persons have physical or mental impairments that interfere with daily activities according to Yale University School of Medicine. An estimated 10.9 million persons, representing 6.6 percent of working population, are unable to work. An additional 8.1 million persons are limited in the amount or type of work activity they can perform because of chronic health conditions.

Whether as the treating clinician, consulting clinician, or independent medical examiner, clinicians are often asked to determine impairment and disability.

We will position Disability Technology Inc. as a leading medical disability software consultant for Doctors, hospitals, attorneys, state and federal agencies across the country. We are confident that once our target market adopts our software, they become aware of the quality and reliability of our products, they will be motivated to explore and purchase more of our offerings.